Results by communication and design

    THE AKAIOGroup was formed to develop effective business solutions using off the shelf software components configured with large doses of customer input. Applications are designed to automate business process and fine tuned to suit individual employee use. The result: increased organization efficiency through the creation a shared acknowledge base via tools employees enjoy using.

Technology and Art

    Usability is key a key factor to project adoption. Solutions with both the business processes and the end users in mind creates an environment where automation and capture of detailed meta data is both natural and successful.

Success through service and support

    Mission critical applications must be reliable and supported. Automatic backups, security auditing, and fail-over plans are incorporated into each project. System design incorporates existing technology investments as well as customer IT staff skill sets.

Customer Driven Design

    Focus on iterative development cycles with many prototypes until project usability and goals and achieved. Workflows and process are diagramed before implementation to insure processes are communicated accurately.

Visual Design

    Visual communication is key project success. Visual components such as graphic design and typography are included in business applications. Each project incorporates visual design and review.

design flow chart

Attention to detail

    Iterative project implementation cycles require a system to track, document, and preserver feature request, priority changes, and defects. Source control and unit testing best practices are default in every project.

mailing address

+ Matt Esterly

+ 4629 139th Ave SE

+ Snohomish, WA 98290-1509

office phone

+ 425.522.2653




+ MattEsterly

application security

+ Role based privileges systems

+ SQL injection prevention

+ Cross Site Scripting prevention

+ Database, application server, and web server separation

network security

+ Directory Services : Active Directory, Open Directory

+ Encryption : SSL and TLS

+ Firewall testing and verification

system security

+ Server and client OS hardening

+ Offsite secure backups

+ Disaster recovery plan

+ Integration with existing security and virus protection systems


+ MySql InnoDB

+ PostgreSql

+ SQLite ( single user only)

+ Microsoft SQL server. Only customers with existing investment

+ Oracle 8i,9i,10. Only customers with existing investment.


+ Linux : Server : Ubuntu : Red Hat Enterprise

+ OS X : Server : Client

+ Windows : Server 2003 : Client XP or 2000

+ Ruby On Rails

languages or team uses

+ Ruby ( preferred ), Python, Perl


+ C#,Java, C, C++ ( integration or performance critical only )

+ CSS, Javascript

ACC : Affordable Custom Cabinets

+ Factory automation and job server. Improved communication of production scheduling information via a secure role base sales portal and back office interfaces. The ACC job server sale portal allow sale people to view and give just in time feedback insuring jobs are only manufactured if the customer is ready to receive. data with back office and sales automation server.


+ Application server auditing, XML data feed integration with filtering, and back office report filtering sub system. Two month project deadline, late in the project cycle, multiple platforms, no problem. The result deliverable completed on time and instep with the entire product team.

Ultra Quiet Floors

+ Sales automation bid and estimation tool. Worked with UQF to automate their estimation and bidding tools. The result a tool that shows alternate bids, profitability, and details